I ran a mile!

It went like this.

I woke up early, hopped on the treadmill, and walk a half mile. Then I “cranked” up the speed to 6.0.  I know, whoa. I huffed and puffed and my foot hurt a little, but I did it. Then I walked another half mile and did a little happy dance.

1.1 tomorrow! Zing!

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It’s been far too long since I’ve been excited to face the day. But tomorrow I will be starting my long road back to running (I hope). Here’s the plan: walk 1/2 mile, slow-slow jog 1 mile, walk 1/2 mile. Then follow up with 30 minutes of something fun and lots of stretching, foam rolling.

Running again. What an amazing thought!

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A little inspiration

My Google Reader is filled to the brim so it surprises me when in my daily blog skimming I come across a post that take a hold of me. This one comes to us from “The Happy Runner” who challenges us to not make excuses because of one life situation or another (hers is a recent baby).

For the past month or so my training has reflected my change of attitude. I am not going into the half marathon thinking I want to run a strong race for a woman with a six-month-old baby. I want to run a strong race period… This will be my first half marathon so I’m guaranteed a PR. And that’s nice. But what I really want is a kick-butt time. I really want to finish in the low 1:50s. That’s my Plan A and I’m all about living your Plan A.

So, live your Plan A. What a great mantra.

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Just call me Ms. Dramatic

So last night’s post may have been a bit dramatic. It’s hard to feel like you’re at the end of your rope time after time… after time.

My bum foot certainly feels better than yesterday, and I’m starting my stretches on a twice daily basis. My goal right now is to keep a keen eye on my eating so that I start losing weight and get myself as flexible as possible. When I start to feel a little better, I’ll start strength training.  I don’t know if that will be in a a couple days, a week, or longer. I know from past experiences that taking on too much too soon is a recipe for failure. My real goal should be NO MORE INJURIES.

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The Underdog

Not too long ago, I don’t think anyone would have considered me an underdog, but now I look at myself in the mirror and wondered just what happened in the past two years.

I know it has a little to do with bad eating habits and bad luck but much more to do with perpetuating negative thoughts and giving myself excuses to be lazy and give up. Well, my friends. No more.

I’ve had some really bad days, down in the dumps days in the past 18 months, but some of the worst have been in the past three months. I try to pick myself up, but I continually find myself at the bottom. I want to run again, I want to enjoy life again, and the only way I can do it is shut up already and get it done.

So, I’ll invite you to watch me. It’s been three months since I’ve run due to a diagnosed foot neuroma. Today I received my first cortisone shot ever (in the foot, no less). I will be committing to do something for myself from now on. Let’s do this, for Pete’s sake.

Tonight, in addition to my usual Lenten prayers, one goes out to my dad who had knee surgery this morning. And other for the efficacy of this effing painful shot.

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Training Starts in 3…2…1…

Well, maybe not THAT soon, but Monday kicks off my training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Even though I’ve run more than one of these and well over this distance, I’m taking it a little more seriously. I’ve tracked down my appropriate Hal Higdon training program, and I’ve started inputting them onto my Google Calendar.

Part of this training program (for me, at least) is getting rid of the extra pounds that don’t help with my speed and endurance.  I’ve taken the challenge by Fat Cyclist to lose 10 of those suckers before Christmas.  I’ve had a good start this week, but with all of the holiday events coming up, it may be difficult. And even more difficult to stick with it THROUGH Christmas and New Years.

Wish me luck!

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To beginning runners…

I don’t claim to be an expert or coach, and I’ve only been running for about five years, starting when I was 25. However, after running many a race including two marathons, I can certainly provide some advice or my own experiences for the running novice. And I love it when someone asks me for advice, which happened just this afternoon.  Here’s the email I sent her of some of the more important links and sites.

Hi [friend],

I’m really excited that you’re thinking about starting to run, and I thought I’d send you some helpful links:

Hal Higdon – every training program you’ll ever need plus some good articles about running.  You can also follow him on Twitter: @higdonmarathon, which demonstrates that he’s getting a little crazy.  

Chicago Area Races – CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association) search for all Chicago area races.  They even have a little letter-coding system for the ones that are better organized than others.

Runner’s World – tons of great articles about products, training, exercises (good for strength training), and the magazine’s been a lot better in recent years for including beginning runners in the party.  This is my favorite article to send to new runners (a must read!).
Daily Mile – like Facebook for runners (or other fitness people). You can log your run, write a little something about it and have lots of motivation from the folks on the site. I’ve met so many nice people through it, and it helps getting a pick-me-up from someone who understands that running outside in the winter sucks. Here’s my profile if you decide to keep track of your training here.  We can be friends. 🙂

If you have any questions along the way, just ask because I love to talk about running!  Let me know when you decide which race to do.


What are your go-to links?

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