Cruise Director

After the 15K tomorrow, I’ve planned a brunch get together for all of the runnerds (Runner-Nerds) to socialize and talk about nothing but running.  I love planning dinner parties but large gatherings that don’t have a definitive start time (because everyone finishes at different times), lack great weather (hello, 32 degrees), and involved third party locations make me nervous.  And it’s because of these things that I had to change the location TODAY.

I hope everyone makes it after they’ve had their fill of chocolate!  This race also marks a roughly 300% increase in participants since last year.  We’re all a little concerned with the crowdedness of the course.  To be honest, I’m a little relieved because I can blame my slowness on that instead of being lazy.


About etowle

I've been a casual runner for five years, but I only just discovered that I can be a FAST casual runner! Follow me as I train for and run my third (and maybe fourth and fifth) marathon. One day, with unfettered dedication, I hope to be at the starting line in Boston.
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