Hot Chocolate 15K

On this chilly Chicago morning, I hoofed it down to Grant Park and ran a 15K (9.3 miles) with 30,000 other runners.

Due to some stellar previous races, I got a coveted “Corral A” bib, meaning I got to start in the front of the pack. Thank goodness for that because I’ve heard the folks in the open corral had some major bunching problems.

Overall, it was a nice race. My footsies were pretty frozen solid when the gun went off, and I didn’t really feel them until mile 3. I tuned everything out, listened to my music, and tried to keep a good pace.

In the past, I’ve had some serious stomach issues; not a problem today. I’ve dealt with knee and IT band injuries; no problems there either. I did about as well as I could, which turned out to be 1:17:58. I’d like to qualify that with the fact that my Garmin said I actually ran 9.46 miles, which comes out to a 8:15 mile. Huzzah!

After the race, we were given gatorade, water, a square of Ghiradelli chocolate then moved to a tent, where we received a container of chocolate fondue:

It contained a small portion of chocolate, two apple slices, two marshmallows, a little Rice Krispies treat, a little piece of pound cake, a pretzel rod, and half a banana. As a past participant in this race, I must commend the new chocolate provider. So delicious. Hot chocolate also flowed freely.

I waited for my running friends to finish, and changed into some warmer, dryer clothes. I also put on these snazzy knee highs. Cute, huh?

By the time I finished, it was obvious to see what an enormous event it was.

The post-party brunch took place at The Emerald Loop on Wabash near Wacker. I treated myself to some pancakes (yum!).

Friend Molly’s fiance Pablo made all us ladies angry with the speed of his metabolism. He had all this plus an omelet. Please note the butter.

You can see that all the runnerds had a fabulous time.


About etowle

I've been a casual runner for five years, but I only just discovered that I can be a FAST casual runner! Follow me as I train for and run my third (and maybe fourth and fifth) marathon. One day, with unfettered dedication, I hope to be at the starting line in Boston.
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