Wishin’ and Hopin’ and Plannin’ and Schedulin’…

Today is the day I am sitting down and planning out my training over the next three to four months. I am finalizing my decision on which spring marathon I will run, and because I love and want to involve my husband in my decision, I’m waiting until he returns to Chicago tonight to discuss it with him. In the meantime, I will be consulting with HalHigdon.com and entering lots of workouts in my running Google calendar.

In addition to the specific race, one thing I need to figure out in the next few weeks is whether or not I should invest in a coach. It’s a big decision because it is a monetary investment, but it’s also giving up complete control of my running destiny. Some days I feel like it is exactly what I need and others, I need to figure things out for myself.

Today’s training: Meeting up with my previous boss for some easy miles (maybe 6?). Later in the day so I hope we finish before it gets dark.


About etowle

I've been a casual runner for five years, but I only just discovered that I can be a FAST casual runner! Follow me as I train for and run my third (and maybe fourth and fifth) marathon. One day, with unfettered dedication, I hope to be at the starting line in Boston.
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