To beginning runners…

I don’t claim to be an expert or coach, and I’ve only been running for about five years, starting when I was 25. However, after running many a race including two marathons, I can certainly provide some advice or my own experiences for the running novice. And I love it when someone asks me for advice, which happened just this afternoon.  Here’s the email I sent her of some of the more important links and sites.

Hi [friend],

I’m really excited that you’re thinking about starting to run, and I thought I’d send you some helpful links:

Hal Higdon – every training program you’ll ever need plus some good articles about running.  You can also follow him on Twitter: @higdonmarathon, which demonstrates that he’s getting a little crazy.  

Chicago Area Races – CARA (Chicago Area Runners Association) search for all Chicago area races.  They even have a little letter-coding system for the ones that are better organized than others.

Runner’s World – tons of great articles about products, training, exercises (good for strength training), and the magazine’s been a lot better in recent years for including beginning runners in the party.  This is my favorite article to send to new runners (a must read!).
Daily Mile – like Facebook for runners (or other fitness people). You can log your run, write a little something about it and have lots of motivation from the folks on the site. I’ve met so many nice people through it, and it helps getting a pick-me-up from someone who understands that running outside in the winter sucks. Here’s my profile if you decide to keep track of your training here.  We can be friends. 🙂

If you have any questions along the way, just ask because I love to talk about running!  Let me know when you decide which race to do.


What are your go-to links?


About etowle

I've been a casual runner for five years, but I only just discovered that I can be a FAST casual runner! Follow me as I train for and run my third (and maybe fourth and fifth) marathon. One day, with unfettered dedication, I hope to be at the starting line in Boston.
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