A little inspiration

My Google Reader is filled to the brim so it surprises me when in my daily blog skimming I come across a post that take a hold of me. This one comes to us from “The Happy Runner” who challenges us to not make excuses because of one life situation or another (hers is a recent baby).

For the past month or so my training has reflected my change of attitude. I am not going into the half marathon thinking I want to run a strong race for a woman with a six-month-old baby. I want to run a strong race period… This will be my first half marathon so I’m guaranteed a PR. And that’s nice. But what I really want is a kick-butt time. I really want to finish in the low 1:50s. That’s my Plan A and I’m all about living your Plan A.

So, live your Plan A. What a great mantra.


About etowle

I've been a casual runner for five years, but I only just discovered that I can be a FAST casual runner! Follow me as I train for and run my third (and maybe fourth and fifth) marathon. One day, with unfettered dedication, I hope to be at the starting line in Boston.
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